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With so many maracatus functioning in the Zona da Mata Norte – there were 22 in Nazaré alone during my fieldwork – those listed here represent only a small selection.  There are many maracatus with long and colorful histories with whom I had only the most casual acquaintance. Other well-established groups, for example Maracatu Carneiro Manso (Glória do Goitá), Maracatu Piaba de Ouro (Tabajara), or Maracatu Estrela de Ouro (Aliança) are not well-represented here but are important to the history of the tradition.  They also have a great deal of infrastructure and organization, and can easily be contacted and approached by those seeking to know more.

In addition to maracatus with histories that span decades, there are new groups forming all the time.  A few that formed during my stay were Maracatu Leão da Mata Norte (Tracunhaém), Maracatu Pantera Nova (Araçoiaba), Maracatu Estrela da Tarde (Nazaré da Mata), and Maracatu Beija-Flor (Ferreiros).

I hope that any omission or lack of attention in these pages will not be taken as disrespect or disinterest.  A researcher could spend 100 years working around maracatu and still have much to learn.


Maracatu Águia Dourada, Nazaré da Mata

Maracatu Águia Misteriosa, Nazaré da Mata


Maracatu Cambinda Brasileira, Nazaré da Mata


Maracatu Cambindinha Brasileira, Araçoiaba

Estrela sede 2010

Maracatu Estrela Brilhante, Nazaré da Mata


(photo: Jaildo Nascimento)

Maracatu Estrela Dourada, Buenos Aires


Maracatu Leão de Ouro, Condado

Maracatu Leão de Ouro, Nazaré da Mata

Mestre João Paulo

Mestre João Paulo

Maracatu Leão Misterioso, Nazaré da Mata

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