Verses in the opening epigraph

Audio of the poetry workshop Mestres João Paulo and Barachinha gave at the Instituto Brincante, São Paulo, in May, 2011 (extracted from a video camera recording).


Footnote 28 : Mestre Zé Joaquim singing at a rehearsal for Estrela Brilhante


Self-released CD from Mestre Antônio Paulo Sobrinho, 2011

Footnote 29 “Homenagem a quem se foi,” by Antônio Paulo Sobrinho, from the album “A Força da Poesia,”


Footnote 30:  Mestre Manoel Domingos singing at a rehearsal for Leão Mimoso.




Duplas capa

Footnote 33: Excerpt of Track 3 from this recording of Barachinha and Zé Galdino made by Jaildo Carreiro of Maracatu Estrela Dourada, Buenos Aires (Pernambuco)