“Credibility, Commitment, and Constructing an Archive in Rural Northeast Brazil”, 2025 in Radical Visions: New Perspectives on Special Collections Curatorship; Agnes Czeblakow and Jillian Cuellar, editors.

Enhanced footnotes for the article Talking Pretty and Kicking Up Dust: Modernity and Tradition in Macatu de Baque Solto of Pernambuco, published in Latin American Music Review, Fall/Winter 2017 38:2

Estrada – Talking Pretty and Kicking Up Dust

Verses in the opening epigraph

Audio of the poetry workshop Mestres João Paulo and Barachinha gave at the Instituto Brincante, São Paulo, in May, 2011 (extracted from a video camera recording).


Footnote 28 : Mestre Zé Joaquim singing at a rehearsal for Estrela Brilhante


Self-released CD from Mestre Antônio Paulo Sobrinho, 2011

Footnote 29 “Homenagem a quem se foi,” by Antônio Paulo Sobrinho, from the album “A Força da Poesia,”


Footnote 30:  Mestre Manoel Domingos singing at a rehearsal for Leão Mimoso.




Duplas capa

Footnote 33: Excerpt of Track 3 from this recording of Barachinha and Zé Galdino made by Jaildo Carreiro of Maracatu Estrela Dourada, Buenos Aires (Pernambuco)